Big Agency Thinking in an Agile, Knowledgeable, Responsive Group.

Building on exceptionally strong foundations in science and medicine and diverse clinical, regulatory, creative, marketing, and people perspectives, our team has worked together since the late 1990s developing initiatives—prelaunch, launch, and beyond—for healthcare products and services in almost every category. We leverage skills only a senior-level team can bring, to deliver unique, effective, tailored solutions that change thinking and behavior.

Specializing in Physician & Patient Education

  • Our unique depth and breadth of scientific, clinical, and creative capabilities allow Medical Minds to support companies through development, clinical trials, and commercialization.
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Sound Strategic Thinking & Insightful Solutions

  • Working at the forefront of medicine with multiple clients, we introduce new categories, educate on diagnostic tests and targeted therapies, and teach physicians and patients how to use new drugs and devices.
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Extensive Experience in Most Disease Categories

  • Medical Minds has contributed to education and healthcare advances in the major diseases that contribute to mortality as well as those that affect quality of life.
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Engaging Opinion Leaders to Support Clinical and Commercial Success.

This series of short videos featuring excerpts from a presentation at the Strategic HCP Partnership Summit is based on our Medical Minds team experience working with hundreds of opinion leaders in almost every disease category.


In the first 3 segments we talk about strategies for engaging with opinion leaders and building long-term relationships. In the final two segments of our series of short videos we focus on our six steps for successful advisory boards as well as real-life case studies illustrating common pitfalls and how to avoid them.
1. Strategies for Engaging With Opinion Leaders: Strategies across the product life cycle from development through commercialization.
2. What do Opinion Leaders Say About Industry? A series of quotes illustrating perspectives from healthcare professionals.
3. Strategic Planning in Opinion Leader Relationships: Long-term strategies that keep the end in mind and reach all target audiences.
4. Six Steps for Successful Advisory Boards: Our roadmap for the best outcomes.
5. Advisory Board Case Studies: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Real-life case studies illustrating common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

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